Be it providing for your loved ones living overseas or investing in a lucrative financial opportunity in another part of the world, remittance is an essential enabler for the new-age global Indian.

SBM Remit, powered by SBM Bank India, is state-of-the-art digital remittance service platform that allows you to send money from and to India in just a few clicks.

Winning benefits of SBM Remit

To maximize benefit to the recipient.

Competitive Currency
Exchange Rates
Competitive Currency Exchange Rates

With no extra hidden charges.

Lowest Service
Lowest Service Charges

Avail one-day account credit on the amount transferred.

One-day Credit
One-day credit

Track your transfers online from anywhere

Easy Tracking

With SBM Remit, we aim to provide you a quick, hassle-free and effortless experience of sending money back home for your friends and family.

Effortless Experience
Effortless Experience

SBM Remit aims to make sending money back home to your loved ones the effortless and gratifying experience it is meant to be.

We are here to assist you with all your banking needs.

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