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Smart Banking INDmoney
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Smart Banking INDmoney
Smart Banking INDmoney

Why restrict your investments only to India?

Want to profit from the world’s biggest tech companies and ETFs? But high fund transfer fees, unreasonable currency conversion markups, and paperwork stopping you? Don’t worry! With INDmoney, the US stock market is now in your pocket!

No account opening or maintenance fees, zero remittance charges, the best exchange rates, a complete digital account opening process, & speedy remittance makes INDmoney a boon for every global investor.

Powered by SBM Bank India, the INDmoney app empowers you with the fastest INR to USD conversion at the lowest possible cost! With an IND Super Saver bank account, enjoy zero fund transfer fees and invest in the world’s largest stock market and innovative brands like Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, & more. Also, invest in savings with the IND Super Saver bank account’s special Fixed Deposits, offering the highest interest rates and convenience of SIP in Fixed Deposits – the first time in India.

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INDmoney powered by SBM Bank India | The Journey!

SBM Bank India is proud to bring INDmoney, an all-in-one Super Finance App that helps you to save, plan and invest across your family members. Since its launch in 2019, the INDmoney app has quickly grown to 6Mn users and offers SBM Bank India's trusted innovative features such as US Stocks investing, neo-banking, deposits & financial life tracking and management.

Aligned with SBM Bank India, INDmoney’s mission is to improve your financial future by helping you to save and earn more. INDmoney powered by SBM Bank India wants to be a one-stop shop for your finances — your family's Super Bank!

INDmoney and SBM Bank India's partnership is backed by reputed foreign institutional investors like Tiger Global, Steadview Capital, Dragoneer, and Sixteenth Street Capital who have invested a total of $143Mn in the Super Finance App for the very first time in India.

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Exceptional features that make us the best

Zero account opening fee, zero fund transfer fee, no minimum balance requirement, and enjoy the best currency exchange rates

Auto-track all your expenses throughout the day, automatically round up your spare change to the nearest ₹10, and auto-invest the saved amount directly into US Stocks

Zero Fund transfer fee for your INDmoney US Stocks a/c, More Dollars for your Rupees, and one of highest Fixed Deposit Interest Rates powered by SBM Bank

Manage all your money across investments, loans, taxes, and expenses in one place

Invest in Commission Free, Direct Plan Mutual Funds

Get the right life & health cover based on your life goals. Cheapest super top-up to increase health cover up to 10x

Invest in IPOs in 3 clicks using UPI

Plan life goals and grow your future net worth while keeping an eye on how soon you can retire

Smart Banking INDmoney

Currently, more than
6 million users trust their INR 140,000+ Cr investments
on the INDmoney app.

Click below to download the INDmoney app!
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Click below to download the INDmoney app!
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Smart Banking INDmoney

What’s Brewing with SBM Bank India x INDmoney | Episode 3

The INDmoney Story | SBM Bank India

Watch Ashish Kashyap, the founder of INDmoney, talk about his journey of building India’s No. 1 Super Money App in a candid chat with
Mr. Neeraj Sinha, Retail & Consumer Banking Head, SBM Bank India.

with the Coffee Table FlipBook

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Smart Banking INDmoney

Offers you can't afford to miss…

Investing in an international market can be overwhelming. With INDMoney, SBM Bank India has not only brought you remarkable features but also provides expert assistance, deep market analysis, and a plethora of offers that help you make the most of your investments abroad.

With every Indian Rupee you spend, INDmoney in association with SBM Bank India, offers you free stocks of the company you spend on like Amazon, Apple, Netflix, McDonald's, etc. INDmoney has also come up with a concept of INDcoins, this comes in handy during your spending on other platforms like Uber, Starbucks, etc.

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Smart Banking INDmoney

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