Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

We provide you a wide spectrum of products across asset classes – each carefully selected after an exhaustive research and due diligence. We partner with industry experts so that you have the best pool of Investment solutions.

At SBM Private Wealth, we follow a balanced approach and a time proven investment strategy towards selection of asset classes. Our investment avenues focus on capital appreciation, income earning opportunities, and/or tax benefits, depending on your need and preference. Our well-researched, diverse product portfolio provides a wide range of investment options to suit your wealth creation goals, while our research reports and timely insights assist you in taking informed investment decisions. We also partner with industry experts so that you have the best pool of investments at your disposal.

Our wide spectrum of products across asset classes:
  • Mutual Funds

    We offer investment options across fund types ranging from equity, debt, hybrid, ELSS and liquid funds, all customised to suit your risk appetite.

  • Alternative Investment Funds

    These offer the opportunity to invest in non-conventional avenues such as venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, managed futures etc.

  • Structured Products

    A hybrid, sophisticated instrument to help you derive optimal returns from equity or fixed income products, while simultaneously reducing the risk by inclusion of a derivative or insurance cover.

  • Portfolio Management Services

    Make the most of the expertise and due diligence of our professional investment managers who draw upon their years of experience in the investment domain to make money work for you.

  • Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS):

    To leverage the lucrative investment opportunities of the Indian secondary market, you can buy and sell shares and debentures of Indian companies on a recognized stock exchange on a repatriable basis.

  • Global Investment Opportunities

    Investment in foreign markets is a great tool for diversification and hedging risk by spreading it across a mix of assets and markets, thus helping you earn smoother and better returns on your portfolio.

  • Insurance in partnership with leading Insurers

    We adopt a customer centric approach to insurance and offer life and general insurance products, through our trusted partners.

  • Estate Planning & Taxation

    We provide tax efficient wealth structuring and protection solutions through our partners, who help you in the careful planning of your assets in light of the ever-changing gift, estate and income tax laws.

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