Personalized wealth management
tailored to your needs.

SBM Private Wealth - Wealth Management

You have a larger than life vision for your financial goals, which goes beyond boundaries. We share your vision and help you achieve these goals with regular insights and our team of dedicated highly skilled experts. After all, you are one of the exceptional few!

Investment Solutions

Our exceptionally skilled industry experts map out your growth journey to achieve your financial goals and provide your with our diverse investment options, tailored to your risk appetite and preferences. Be it Mutual Funds, Portfolio Investment schemes, alternate investment funds or more, our investment solutions buffet has it all.

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Insurance Solutions

Safeguard your family’s future by choosing from our bouquet of insurance solutions, brought to you by our trusted insurance partners. Explore the comprehensive benefits you would enjoy with our General or Life Insurance offerings. Whether it is your family that you want to protect, your assets, or both, we provide insurance solutions that fit just right.

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Our Investment Policies

We understand, analyse and leverage the market trends and through our unbiased research and insights, our investment policies help you monitor and rebalance your portfolio time and again. Our customer-centric approach focuses on offering multiple investment options aligned with your financial goals and risk appetite to help bring the right products to the right investor.

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Research Insights

We understand the value of your time and an efficient way to save it is with our weekly newsletter - SBM Weekly. It curates all the latest market and investment trends into one worthy read, keeping you ahead of the curve. Moreover, being thorough is our habit, which is why our research team of expert analysts and data partners also provide key insights on latest issues and trends.

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