Community Investment Programmes And Sustainability

Community Investment Programmes And Sustainability (CSR Activities)

Being a young Bank, we have instilled the core value of “Doing well by doing Smart” and focused on initiatives around healthcare and sanitation, women empowerment, poverty alleviation measures, education and skill development programs and furthering the cause of environmental sustainability and rural development. To pursue these goals and more, we have instituted the CSR Committee of the Board.

Approved CSR initiatives taken during FY 2023-24:

  • In the Financial Year 2023-24, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee conducted a comprehensive review of multiple proposals. After careful consideration, the Committee has decided to allocate funds to local partners and NGOs, with a special focus on locations where the Bank has branches, to ensure all projects are effectively governed and executed.
  • By directing resources toward local initiatives, we aim to contribute to social welfare, community development, and sustainable practices. These efforts align with the Bank’s commitment to responsible business practices and making a meaningful difference in the areas it serves.
Name of Organisation Purpose
Each One Educate One Foundation Sponsor quality education (boarding school format) for tribal students and students from underprivileged backgrounds in Karnataka and Telangana with a view to giving such students access to various socio-economic opportunities that would help them sustain a sufficient livelihood while also working towards the improvement of the communities they are members of.
Annada Sponsor nutritional support targeted at young mothers, infants, and children from underprivileged backgrounds in rural Maharashtra with a view to combating mental and physical development issues in children, infant mortality, post-natal complications in mothers, and lack of nutrition leading to disease and illness in nursing mothers or mothers of young children.
Global Vikas Trust Sponsorship of subsidized crops and saplings and training of small and resource-constrained farmers for round-the-year income generating cropping patterns and cycles
HelpAge Sponsorship of subsidized cataract surgeries for poor and elderly patients in Palghar district.
Govardhan Ecovillage Sponsorship towards setting up of a Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Hub in association with the Department of Science and Technology Government of India, which includes a 2-acre nursery and farmer training blocks in Mokhada, Palghar. The same is aimed at green skilling and building of a sustainable livelihood program for 500 tribal families in Mokhada.
Sankara Nethralaya Sponsorship of complicated eye surgeries for underprivileged and needy patients
Centurion University Sponsorship towards the Krushak Kalyan Yojana for enhancing farmer skills, productivity, and income for small and marginal farmers in Odisha.

CSR initiatives taken during FY 2022-23:

  • Pragatishil Palghar is a comprehensive multi-year initiative launched by SBM Bank India in 2021. The program is specifically aimed at fostering the economic and social development of the Palghar district, with the overarching goal of uplifting and empowering communities within the district. During 2022-23, various impactful initiatives were undertaken as part of this programme.
    • Govardhan Skill Center: The Bank associated with Govardhan Skill Center serving tribal students in the premises of Govardhan Eco Village (third largest in India and largest in the NGO sector). The Bank has actively invested in the mission to empower and educate the rural youth towards their entrepreneurial journey and grassroots upliftment. The Bank has funded the operating expenditure associated with training and placing 137 tribal students in and around Palghar district in association with Shri Chaitanya Seva Trust’s Govardhan Skill Development Cente. The Bank has also donated 80 refurbished laptops to the Computer Laboratory at the Govardhan Skill Development Center.
    • Khushi Nagli: The Bank also supported a Women’s Self-Help Group (“Khushi Nagli”) to financially empower tribal women and support cottage industry efforts in the district.
  • Eye Camps: The Bank sponsored 100 cataract surgeries at subsidised rates for underprivileged Senior Citizens, in association with HelpAge India. We also set up Free Eye Screening and Intra Ocular Lens Implant camp at the Abitghar branch of SBM Bank India.

CSR initiatives taken during FY 2021-22:

  • SBM Bank India chanced upon a wonderful initiative by Help Age India whereby they sponsor cataract surgeries for underprivileged and aged persons across the country. They thought - what better way to bring light to someone’s life than the gift of vision, and with this, SBM Bank partnered with Help Age India to provide free cataract surgeries to 200 aged persons in the hinterlands of Maharashtra, where such persons’ loss of vision because of cataracts impaired their sense of independence and capability, as also their quality of life, at an already vulnerable stage.
    In SBM Bank India we believe in small changes that have big impacts, and small actions that go a long way to build and empower the ecosystem around us and we are so happy to have joined hands with Help Age, in this instance, in bringing about one such initiative.
  • Announced #SBMButterflyEffect with the belief that lies in the power of small, with a large vision. Deemed as “Flutter”, these initiatives were conducted towards bringing about impressive changes in the community.
  • Promoted World Walking Day 2021 in alignment with the Group’s Women on the Move Council calendar, to endorse employee wellness, gender equality and community building.
  • Funded a Dental Chair and quality Radio Visionography equipment, towards Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Memorial Society
  • Conducted the ‘Lighting up a Life’ donation drive that focused on igniting young minds by donating new or repurposing pre-loved and gently used stationery items, toys, storybooks and books of instruction by giving them to lesser fortunate children, reemphasizing sustainability.
  • Under the guidance of SBM Group’s “Women On The Move” Council, The Bank presented to its female employees an opportunity to learn more about breast cancer through a webinar, and also proposed to include sponsored mammograms and pap smears in the Bank’s Annual Health Check-Up Plan.
  • Launched an initiative showing solidarity with the globally recognized “Movember”, and conducted a webinar to spread awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer while also ensuring the Bank included testing for such cancers in the Bank’s Annual Health Check-Up Plan.

CSR initiatives taken during FY 2020-21:

Composition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

CSR policy

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