Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) Rates

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Currency Rates
Notes T.C. BILLS T.T. Notes T.C. BILLS T.T.
USD 79.15415 80.845 81.045 81.245 87.92585 86.235 86.035 85.835
GBP 101.221425 103.2925 103.5925 103.8925 112.438575 110.3675 110.0675 109.7675
EUR 85.6161 87.2775 87.5775 87.8775 95.1039 93.4425 93.1425 92.8425
MUR 1.6025 1.6325 1.6625 1.6925 1.9975 1.9675 1.9375 1.9075
SGD 58.68815 59.9475 60.2475 60.5475 65.19185 63.9325 63.6325 63.3325
JPY 51.125 51.425 51.725 52.025 55.315 55.015 54.715 54.415
AED 20.4875 20.7875 21.0875 21.3875 25.0125 24.7125 24.4125 24.1125
CAD 57.608 58.0725 58.3725 58.6725 63.992 63.5275 63.2275 62.9275
AUD 52.671525 53.045 53.345 53.645 58.508475 58.135 57.835 57.535

Card Rates are applicable for transactions lower than USD 10000.

Card rates are subject to change, based on market volatility. JPY rates are for 100 units of the currency.

DISCLAIMER: The rates are indicative only and have been obtained from information providers believed to be reliable and in good faith, which are however not within the control of the Bank and no warranty expressed or implied is made as to their timeliness and accuracy. The Bank is not liable for any error, delay or interruption in the transmission thereof to the user. The rates may vary at the discretion of the Bank and may change without any prior notice with regards to exchange rates. Advice on updated rates should be sought before any transaction of whatsoever nature. No liability whatsoever is accepted by the Bank for any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of these rates.

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