Expert Assistance

Expert Assistance

A trusted partner in your endeavours

We are here to assist you and take some weight off your able shoulders, so that you can focus on pursuing your passions and pleasures in life. At SBM Private Wealth, we will facilitate assistance in important matters to you, like managing your property in India; will drafting; FEMA consulting; assistance in tax filing, refunds; assistance in procuring documentation like Aadhar, PAN, OCI card, and more through experts in these areas. So that you receive the best value added services, at one place, in the most convenient manner!

Property Management services

Many things go into consideration when purchasing a new property. From looking at multiple options to arranging for loans to taking care of documentation, ample assistance is required for smooth-sailing operations. Our expert partners offer comprehensive solutions in areas of property management, property documentation, buying/selling/leasing assistance, and even home renovation services.

Taxation assistance and FEMA consultancy

Having spent most of your time away from home, you could face some difficulties while dealing with taxation on your wealth and earnings in India. From helping you with the filing of your Income Tax returns to assistance in areas of refunds, repatriation and FEMA consultancy, we enable it all through our partners

Estate Planning

From selling of inherited assets and repatriation of proceeds, to ensuring fair distribution of property, estate planning can get complicated, but is very important in wealth management. We partner with top estate planning experts to help you navigate the intricacies of passing wealth down to your next generations. With their knowledge of cross border laws, they help craft optimal solutions to help you protect and carry your legacy forward.

Documentation & Application Assistance

As a person not residing in India, you may not be updated on the latest documentation and legal formalities applicable. We offer assistance in areas such as applying for PAN, OCI card and more. We also offer assistance in cases where, unfortunately, documents of financial assets go missing.


T&C Apply

These services are enabled through third-party service providers/ Industry Experts, are chargeable and Disclaimers Apply.

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