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SBM Bank India in partnership with Niyo brings you Niyo Global, a premium high-interest savings account integrated with an international VISA Signature debit card that offers zero forex markup on all international transactions worldwide.

Whether you are travelling abroad for business, leisure, or higher studies, the INR-based Niyo Global card offers the most inexpensive and convenient way of handling payments in 100+ currencies.

International travellers are burdened with transaction fees and surcharges on payments made abroad. The unique zero forex markup feature saves you up to 5% in forex markup with each use, which adds up to big savings throughout the duration of your stay overseas.

That’s not all! The Niyo Global virtual card can be used to make online purchases from international merchants from right here in India. This versatile card helps you make seamless transactions with VISA-accepting merchants in India as well as abroad in the most cost-efficient way.

Get yourself the advantage of Niyo Global by SBM Bank India and explore the world with us.

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Witness the all-new Niyo Global features

Niyo Global is powered by SBM Bank India and backed by VISA. All 3 together bring to you India’s best digital savings account and zero forex markup* card which helps Indian passport holders travelling abroad with all their banking needs and much more.

Designed especially for our digitally-savvy customers, the Niyo Global smart app brings in possibilities you never knew existed.

Smart Banking One Card

Enjoy freedom from paying any extra charges for the convenience of making international payments. Only the VISA exchange rate applies to your forex transactions and nothing more!

Boost your savings account by earning up to 6.5% interest p.a. and get monthly interest payouts

In case you need to withdraw cash in local currency, the app provides you with an ATM locator to find the nearest ATM anywhere in the world

The Niyo Global app provides you with real-time currency exchange rates all day long. Check your currency conversion value online using the app before you make a transaction.

Complimentary airport lounge access at domestic and international terminals in India, exclusive travel offers, quick currency exchange rate, 24x7 live in-app customer chat support, and much more.

Enjoy hassle-free banking services from anywhere through a simple and user-friendly app. Feel more secure by locking and unlocking your card with a single tap - one of many security features in the app.

Smart Banking One Card

Apply for your Niyo Global Card

Own your Niyo Global Card by SBM Bank India from the comfort of your home. The Niyo Global smart app makes your account opening process 100% paperless, quick, and hassle-free.

1.  Download the Niyo Global app

2.  Complete the KYC steps with your PAN, Aadhaar, and Indian Passport

3.  Your account will be ready with a virtual card to use for online transactions

4.  To order your physical card, load ₹5,000 in your savings account and place a card order

5.  Get your physical card within 5-7 days

*Your money is completely safe with SBM Bank India. You can withdraw or use this money at any time post you place your card order.

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Go Global, Benefit Local

Refer Niyo Global to your friends and family and let them experience the benefits of a 5% interest* p.a. savings account + zero forex markup* travel card. That’s not all, also earn up to ₹200 on every referral that is converted.

Indulge in Niyo’s premium bespoke international offerings like never before. With SBM Bank India, make the most of your savings account through your Niyo Global Card.

Download Niyo Global App Now

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