Innovation and Collaboration for a smart banking experience

Scalability in banking comes with time, trust, credibility, and above all - innovation. One can wait for the customers or can take banking solutions directly to the platforms where customers mostly need them. At SBM Bank India, we chose the latter through our smart banking approach.

Our multipronged proposition includes enabling the under-banked and early-to-credit segments with personalized banking solutions and easy credit access, while at the same time, offering ambitious partners with superior value through innovation and agile solutioning.

As a young Bank, we have the opportunity to build a future-ready structure that is efficient, flexible, and yet offers robust processes to protect the interest of the stakeholders. We have taken the best of banking solutions through plug-and-play infrastructure to seamlessly integrate with our partner platforms, enabling us to expand our clientele and protect our asset quality.

A Palette to choose from...

Here’s our wide range of Cards and Banking services, hand-picked and curated for the best-in-class experience.

Commercial Credit Cards

Taking your business to Newer Heights

Whether you’re a self-made entrepreneur or a corporate business head, our range of Commercial Credit Cards brings banking and financial solutions for every scale, type and size of businesses out there.

Consumer Credit

Convenient wealth making choices from SBM Bank India

For professionals who are venturing to newer heights, our variety of Consumer Credit Cards offer premium services and amazing benefits that cater to all your needs and provide a secured and powerful banking experience.

Digital Banking

Start your Digital Banking journey with SBM Bank India

Enjoy easy and AI-based banking with our Digital Banking service. Go for the online bank account that gets you started in just a few clicks and avail secure transactions, get personalized investment plans and more.

Prepaid Cards

Enjoy hassle-free and simplified transactions

Considering the numerous demands of today’s professionals, we offer Prepaid Cards that cater to your personal as well as professional needs. We present a proposition that is simple and efficient and offers a more flexible payment solution.

Digital Lending Solutions

Enjoy hassle-free and simplified transactions

Enabling financial institutions to streamline lending and offer their customers the convenience of self-service digital loan experiences aimed at making loan origination simple and painless as well as helping to sustain customer-centric digital experiences at scale.

International Remittance

A swift, reliable and secure destination for cross-border transactions for the next time you want to send or receive money. With just a few effortless steps, get your money where it needs to be globally.

Get the best exchange rates with multiple offers to choose from with our reputed remittance partners.

Our range of Partners

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NEVER SHARE your Card Number, CVV, PIN, OTP, Internet Banking User ID, Password, or URN with anyone, as it can lead to unauthorised access to your account.