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SBM Bank (India) Ltd. offers a diverse range of banking solutions in the Indian market, and aims to make banking easier and life more comfortable.

It is the first bank to receive a banking license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and to establish a universal banking business in India through the Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) mode. We currently operate in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ramachandrapuram and have recently opened branches in New Delhi and Bengaluru. Our aim is to shape a better tomorrow for you with innovative and digital banking solutions. SBM Group brought its rich experience to India by setting up the Indian Operations in 1994.

1st December 2018 holds momentous memories for all SBM employees in India. It was on this day that we, with great pride and immense pleasure, announced the news of SBM becoming the first foreign Bank in India to operate as a new Indian bank.

SBM Bank Mumbai

Our recent transition to WOS has enabled us to enhance our capability with a mix of domestic and offshore products, designed for resident individuals and corporates.

We intend to focus primarily on the domestic front steering our efforts on the mid-market segment, comprising of mid-corporates and higher-end SMEs. Our parent group's expertise in the Asia-Africa corridor helps us conjure a global perspective to reinforce our competencies in financing trade and investment capital flows, and thereby projecting us as a key financial partner in India, Africa and the Indian Ocean region.

SBM Bank India has profound domain expertise, and is led by a core team comprising of industry veterans having over a century of cumulative experience in banking and financial services. Under the proficient and experienced leadership of the management, we aspire to emerge as a key financial player in building one of the finest financial institutions in the country.

About SBM Group

As a leading banking and financial services provider, SBM Group, established in 1973, has a strong international presence, spanning Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, and India. With a market share of over 20% in domestic advances and deposits, the Group is consistently ranked among the top 1,000 world banks by The Banker Magazine, an international publication by the Financial Times, Ltd. The SBM Group offers superior solutions in the realm of banking, non-banking financial services as well as non-financial investments.

The Group is focused on delivering sophisticated, global banking services - deposit, credit, payments, investment, advisory and ancillary services - across multiple channels, including digital, to a wide range of customer segments including Personal, High Net Worth, SME, Corporate, International and Financial Institutions.

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SBM Banking Services in India

SBM Group Mission

  • To build lasting relationships with our customers by offering distinctive products and exceptional services.
  • To be the employer of choice for the top talent in the markets that we serve.
  • To prudently manage risks and costs.
SBM Bank India

SBM Group Vision

Our vision is to be the leading and most trusted financial services provider in Mauritius and beyond.

Meet The Team

  • SBM Bank India Directors Board of Directors
  • SBM Bank Mumbai Team Management Team
  • SBM Bank India Azim

    Mr. Azim F. Currimjee

  • SBM Bank Sidharth

    Mr. Sidharth Rath

    MD & CEO
  • SBM Bank Mauritius

    Andrew Bainbridge

  • SBM Bank Vidianand

    Vidianand Lutchmeeparsad

  • SBM Bank bhattacharyya

    Mr. S.K. Bhattacharyya

    Independent Director
  • SBM Bank India Sudha

    Mrs. Sudha Ravi

    Independent Director
  • SBM Bank Ameet

    Mr. Ameet N. Patel

    Independent Director
  • Shyam SBM Bank

    Mr. Shyam Sundar Barik

    Independent Director
  • SBM Bank Sidharth

    Mr. Sidharth Rath

    MD & CEO
  • SBM Bank Rajeev

    Mr. Rajeev Panikath

  • SBM Bank Deepak

    Mr. Deepak Shimpi

    Chief Risk Officer
  • SBM Bank Mandar

    Mr. Mandar Pitale

    Head - Treasury
  • SBM Bank Talib

    Mr. Talib Lokhandwala

    Chief Financial Officer
  • SBM Bank Neeraj

    Mr. Neeraj Sinha

    Head - Consumer & Retail Banking
  • SBM Bank Dipak

    Mr. Dipak Agarwal

    Head - Corporate Banking
  • SBM Bank sajitha-pillai

    Ms. Sajitha Pillai

    Head - HR