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Guest Feature with Ashish Kashyap (Founder-INDmoney)

SBM Bank India powers INDmoney, a neo banking platform and a family Super Finance App so named for the financial independence that...

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Gauranga Das Leader @ ISKCON

Ecotourism as a catalyst for social transformation

People in the cities live in prosperity that is marred by pollution, u...

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Customer Interview with Gopal B, KPMG Qatar

He has over 28 years of providing Audit, Advisory and Tax expertise to a wide range of KPMG’s clients in Qatar. With a specialit...

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Mystic number 108 with Mandar Pitale, Head - Treasury (SBM Bank India)

Off the Beaten Track - Discussing the mystic number 108 with Mandar Pitale, Head -Treasury (SBM Bank India)
You will often fi...

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Creating Wealth with Sanjay Guglani, Silverdale Funds, Singapore

This is particularly true, since it is universally observed that expenditure rises to meet the level of income. The best aspect of...

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Customer Interview with Samir Pinto, Kuwait Investment Authority

Not a (self-confessed) self-made man, but so much morethan meets the moneywith Samir Pinto, MIS, Kuwait Investment Authority

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Kaustubh Belapurkar, Head, Research, Morningstar India

Sustainability searches on Google were at record highs, worldwide in 2021. This does not come as a surprise, as assets in sustaina...

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The Art of Conversation with Neeraj Sinha & Ashish Kashyap

Neeraj Sinha: Tell us about your startup journey…
Ashish Kashyap: I’m very lucky to have faced all versions...

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Customer Interview with Hemchand Gandhi, M.H. Enterprises Group

Founder & Managing Director, M.H. Enterprises Group Actively involved in the business, he leads the day-to-day operations for the ...

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Customer Interview with Ivan Fernandes, Regent Technologies Ltd.

An automation evangelist, he is renowned for disruptive innovations such as RTGS and Mobile Banking with implemented solutions in ...

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10 things to do in Kenya with Magdalene Mulandi, (SBM Bank Kenya)

The top 10 things to do while in Kenya with Magdalene Mulandi, Head of Marketing Communications (SBM Bank Kenya)...


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