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Enabling International Money Transfer

Family remittances all over the world have a direct impact on one out of seven individuals on earth, and India happens to be among the leading remittance-receiving countries. As the already massive global remittance market continues to grow each year, we are constantly watching to study market trends and working towards enhancing our offering and our customer experience.
In collaboration with our reputed remittance partners, SBM Bank India is your swift, reliable and secure destination for cross-border transactions for the next time you want to send or receive money. With just a few effortless steps, you can get your money wherever it needs to be, globally. Get the best exchange rates with multiple offers to choose from.


airpay powered by SBM

Global collections is a multi-currency acceptance feature that allows businesses to accept payments in the local currency of their foreign customers, providing a fully localised experience to the customers at all stages of the purchase. The fully digital outward remittance feature allows resident individuals to send money abroad from the safety and comfort of their homes. SBM Bank India also offers unique facilities for Online Payment Gateway Service Providers to facilitate cross border payments.

Book my forex
Book my forex

BookMyForex powered by SBM

BookMyForex is India's largest full service foreign currency exchange cross border remittances platform. BookMyForex's cross border outward remittance powered by SBM allows customers to transfer money abroad in a fully online and paperless manner. Customers can also pay for their order online and complete their booking in a matter of minutes. Through streamlined processes, the entire KYC/ AML and the processing of the transfer happens seamlessly with transfers being processed on the same day.


HOPRemit powered by SBM

HOPRemit-Money Hop’s instantaneous, cost-effective, user-intuitive, and contactless international remittance service is tailor-made to better serve the Indian millennials. It provides customers with complete transparency and significantly reduces the total transaction costs of sending money abroad. Being an RBI-regulated entity, the completely digital HOPRemit represents the perfect concoction of a fintech’s agility and the security observed in a bank.


Vested powered by SBM

Vested is an SEC – Registered Investment Adviser that has enabled investing in international stocks and ETFs for Indians with an end-to-end seamless solution. Vested users will be able to open accounts with SBM Bank and transfer money abroad at low cost and in no time.


Instarem powered by SBM

Instarem, powered by the Nium platform, offers a wide range of payment and neo-financial services that enable individuals and businesses to send and receive from around the world. Instarem believes in making money simple. Across all its products and services, it aims at innovating and creating frictionless payments, with the customer as the driving force behind these advancements. This, together with the backing of Nium, gives Instarem an edge over other players, globally.

Ind Money
Ind Money

INDmoney powered by SBM

INDmoney is a one-stop super money app for all your finances. INDmoney has partnered with SBM Bank (India) to help users open ‘Super Saver’ banking accounts which will give the user a host of special privileges. These privileges include fast, convenient, and cost-effective remittance for US stocks investments, investment in high interest yielding fixed deposits and lots more to be added in the future.


Zolve powered by SBM Bank

Zolve is building a financial world without borders by developing financial services for global citizens. Through this remittance-services partnership with SBM Bank, Zolve offers one of the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient ways to transfer money from India to the U.S.

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