Gift Smart Card

Do you always wonder what to gift your loved ones? Sweets, clothing, decor pieces or something amusing? What if there is something that sums up all of this in one go?

Introducing the SBM Prepaid Gift Card - one card, many benefits.

The uniquely designed gift card is your key to gifting happiness. With complete ease, you can save yourself the trouble of last-minute shopping and gift your dear ones anything of their choice from a range of products from the best of brands.

You may use this Card for:

Dining at your favourite restaurants and many other purposes

Dining Privileges

Online & Offline shopping from the brands of your choice and many other purposes

Shopping with SBM Gift Card

So go ahead and make their day!

To get the SBM Prepaid Gift Card,

Important Information on TCS Collection

In accordance with the provisions of section 206C of the Income-tax Act, 1961, all authorized dealers are required to collect 5% Tax Collection at Source (TCS) for remittance transactions under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) aggregating to Rs. 7 lacs or more in a financial year. These transactions include transactions initiated through SBM Bank Debit Cards or through any other channel(s) of SBM Bank.

Terms & Conditions

Please Discover More to view the detailed terms and conditions of the SBM Prepaid Gift Card.


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