Presenting a secure and convenient Card with remarkable dining benefits and savings. SBM Bank India is delighted to present to you - SBM Prepaid Meal Card.

The card is PIN-enabled and allows you to make secure payments to restaurants* and on online food delivery/aggregator sites.

Order online from
merchants like and which are categorized as food and beverages outlets and accept VISA cards

Enjoy cashless
transactions across a strong network of restaurants* and food outlets*

Easy registration
and renewal process with PIN-enabled card

Save Taxes** upon using the SBM Prepaid Meal Card and enjoy secured transactions

Any outstanding balance on your expired or lost card can be transferred to the new card and much more

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The monthly limit on the card is ₹10,000 (₹1 lakh a year).
Register for your SBM Prepaid Meal Card and get set to savour the benefits.

So go ahead and make their day!

To get the SBM Prepaid Meal Card,
please connect with us at or call us on 1800 1033 817.

How do I get to know the balance on my Meal Card?
What should I do if I lose my meal card?
  • In case you lose your card, please contact our customer care executive.
How is the card secure against unauthorized payments at merchant outlets?
  • The Meal Cardholder has to sign on the charge slip (produced by the electronic data capture machine) to complete a transaction. After that, the merchant has to match the signature with the cardholder's signature on the panel printed on the back of the Card. Thus, transactions at food and beverage merchant outlets are protected by the cardholder's signature.

*The card will not be functional at restaurant categorized as bars, taverns, nightclubs, cocktail lounges and discotheques
**Applicable to Corporates