Prepaid Cards

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With an aim to serve today’s growing tech-savvy new age customer-base, going digital is the new normal. Our Prepaid Cards have been designed specifically to cater to our customer’s personal as well as professional needs. Our network connects SBM Bank India with leading Fintech companies to make your card related transactions smooth and hassle-free. Enjoy smart, simple and flexible payment solutions with the latest high-end expense management solutions.

EnKash Freedom SBM Card

EnKash SBM Gift Card

EnKash SBM Gift Card helps make corporate and personal gifting easier. It can be used for all POS and E-com transactions.

NEVER SHARE your Card Number, CVV, PIN, OTP, Internet Banking User ID, Password, or URN with anyone, as it can lead to unauthorised access to your account. | DIAL 1930 FOR ONLINE FINANCIAL FRAUD. REPORT ANY CYBERCRIME AT WWW.CYBERCRIME.GOV.IN | Dear Customer, in line with RBI regulation, if there are any changes/updates in the KYC documents you previously submitted with the Bank, please provide the updated documents within 30 days of such changes.